About Us

We want to help you to save money and help the environment at the same time!

Generating your own electricity means that you will be using less from the utility grid. This will immediately translate to savings on your electric bill.

The greatest part when you generate your own clean energy you are reducing your carbon print.

“Beat your bills with the sun”

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Our Values


As we acquire more experience with innovation, we begin to see that any area of the business can be revitalised by applying new ideas, and that innovation can be used to work towards a number of goals, not just competitiveness.


By remaining fair and transparent, leaders ensure that employees will recognize their opportunities for praise and mentoring and feel less animosity for one another.


We have an obligation to the organization in terms of results, and that we have an obligation to act on the items that impact those results.


At Voltago Solar Malaysia, teamwork is vital for success. We feel, act and behave as one big team!


At Voltago Solar Malaysia, we believe everyone can develop their own entrepreneurial spirit. That is why we have made it a core value. We combine this with the value of ambition because we expect our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.