Frequently Asked Questions

Is NEM the same as FIT?

No it is not. FiT or Feed-in Tariff is a mechanism for granted selected customers to export all solar energy produced to TNB grid and the quota has long been fulfilled for solar. The main difference is NEM mechanism allows you to generate your own energy and use it to reduce electricity bill. You can sell the excess energy to TNB and we will offset it in the next electricity bill.

Can I install solar if I’m renting?

Not yet for now. We are working towards making that happen.

Is there any government tax incentives for going solar?

If you are a business owner, you are eligible for Investment Tax Allowance (Check out MIDA website). However, this is only applicable if you finance your solar project either through cash, loan or lease and not through Solar Energy Purchase.

Can I install at my parents’ home?

Sure. That will bring sunshine to their home ☺

What is the warranty period on the solar solutions?

We provide 25 years of solar PV module of performance guarantee, 10 years of solar PV module and product warranty, 2 years of free maintenance package (for cash/credit card purchase), 1 year of workmanship warranty, and 24/7 free maintenance throughout contract period ford solar energy purchase.

How do I know the right amount of Solar PV that I need to install for my house?

We will calculate for you based on your last 3-6 months electricity bills and we will advise you accordingly ☺